YTAMC Music Competition

Q: May I provide a downloaded score for the judges? Maybe. If your work is in the public domain in the United States and the edition is also in the public domain, OR if your piece is not in the U.S. public domain and you have a legal download (that you purchased), you may use a downloaded score as long as you meet all three of the following provisions:

1. You provide a copy (i.e. printout) of the source page as a cover page. Be sure to remove any personal information, including your name.

2. The scores are printed back-to-back (i.e. double-sided) AND bound.

3. It must be considered Public Domain in the U.S. regardless of your citizenship.

Not sure if your piece is in the U.S. Public Domain? Click here.

Remember, the edition you are using must have been published before 1923 regardless of the original publication of the work. For instance, Bärenreiter editions are not considered PD even though they might be of a Mozart work.

Competitors who provide illegal copies of scores for either judges or accompanists will not be allowed to compete.

Q: May I change my repertoire after I've submitted my application? The deadline to submit your repertoire change is February 15, 2023. To change your repertoire, you must resubmit your complete repertoire list in the same format and fashion as you did in your application. It must be program ready to include the composer's full name, dates, opus and/or catalog numbers, names of individual movements, and timings for each piece and each movement. Documents will only be accepted in .doc or .docx formats. Make sure you save your document with your name in the file name. Email the file to

For those using a YTA staff accompanist, repertoire changes after February 10, 2023, will result in a $50.00 surcharge.

Q: Do I have to prepare an entire concerto or just one movement?
A: You should have the entire concerto or major work prepared. Since the first round is less than 15 minutes, the judges will ask to hear specific excerpts of your prepared pieces. Please be advised that should you be selected for the final round, the judges may request an edited version with a duration of 12 minutes or less as the final round is a concert!

Q: In what order will I play my pieces during the audition?
A: Every judging panel is different. Some panels let contestants begin with their choice while some panels prefer to hear a specific order. You should be prepared to start with any piece, any movement.

Q: Will there be a place to practice beforehand?
A: Crighton theater has one room with a piano which you may use for warming up approximately 10 to 15 minutes before your audition time. Off-site practice sessions will be arranged at nearby homes and churches. Instructions for scheduling an off-site practice venue will be included in your acceptance letter. You will need to schedule your time block no later than one week before you compete. Do not ask your YTA-assigned accompanist to do this for you. There is no off-site practice availability following the concluding preliminary round. Piano candidates will be given an optional 10 minutes on the stage piano before their audition. You will be advised of that in your acceptance letter.

Q: What overnight accommodations are available?
A: Many loyal fans of the Young Texas Artists Music Competition welcome candidates and their accompanists into their homes. They will provide you with a place to stay and breakfast, but you are responsible for your other meals and transportation. You must request these accommodations at the time of application, as space is limited and we cannot guarantee availability. Every effort will be made to place pianists in homes with pianos. Special YTA rates are offered by the Baymont Inn in Conroe.

  • To book, either use this booking link: Baymont Inn or call the hotel directly (936-242-8198) and ask for Rate Plan Code LBCE. Rooms will be available on a first come first serve basis so do not wait to book!

Q: When should I arrive?
A: You are expected to check in at the Crighton Theater no later than 1 hour before your audition time. If you are scheduled for an off-site practice session, you may wish to check in and pick up your packet before then. Your packet will contain additional information pertinent to the competition.

Q: Can I compete again if I was a finalist previously?
A: Yes, unless you were a Grand Prize winner. Only former Grand Prize winners may not compete again.

Q: May I listen to others compete?
A: The preliminary rounds are free and open to the public.

Q: How do I get tickets for the Concert of Finalists?
A: Each candidate is entitled to four complimentary tickets to the Finalists’ Concert. Check the Box Office under your name. Regular tickets are $28.00. Students $16.00

Q: Is there a discount at a hotel close to the competition?
A: Yes, We have a discount link to stay at the Baymont Inn in Conroe.